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Mouse, Export, and Phase Magnitude Plotting

We recently released a new version of PartSim that includes the ability to zoom in/out of your schematic using your mouse wheel.  Simply place the mouse cursor in the area of the schematic you're interested in and use mouse wheel to change zoom levels. 

We also added the ability to pan in your schematics using your right-mouse button. To pan, place your mouse cursor inside your schematic page and then do a right-mouse button click and drag to move around in the active viewport.

The latest version of PartSim also includes export to PNG and PDF.  In the main subcircuit tab at the of the application, click on the "output" icon in the toolbar and choose an export option.

Finally, we've added phase-magnitude plots for use in AC analysis.  The magnitude plot can have units of decibel or real, while the phase plot can have units of degree or radians.

Check out the following project to see an example phase and magnitude plot in action. 

BandPass Filter

BandPass Filter Circuit

BandPass FilterAnalysis

Magnitude and Phase Analysis

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