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Organize Your Schematic with Multi-page

We recently enhanced PartSim to support multipage schematics. This allows you to design large schematics spanning more than one page. When you open the PartSim editor, notice that there are now "Page" controls at the bottom of the schematic.  To add a new page to your project, simply click the "plus" button and a new blank page will be added. If you want to rename or delete a page, simply click the drop-down arrow next to the page control and choose the appropriate action. Note that each project handles a maximum of 8 pages.

Nets on all pages are common, so a net named ‘VCC’ is the same across all pages. This allows you to define a single circuit that generates a signal (or a supply voltage), and then re-use this signal on other sheets in the schematic. 

If you have any special requests related to multipage schematics, feel free to contact us through email using  

Happy Simulating!

~Team PartSim

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