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Ready, Set, Simulate!

Welcome to PartSim, our new online circuit simulator !

We're excited to finally get a chance to show you what we've been working on and talk about the direction we're headed.

Our goal in designing PartSim is to offer you a free and full-featured SPICE circuit simulator that runs directly in your browser. In addition to the online simulator, we want to create a comprehensive circuit simulation website that provides you with tutorials, SPICE references, and a circuit repository.

PartSim Schematic Editor and Simulator

PartSim schematic editor runs as a native application in your browser using javascript and doesn't require the use of any plugins. All you need to do is draw your schematic using components that are available in the tool's sidebar, place your desired current and/or voltage probes, and then click the "Run" button. This will bring up a simulation dialog box that allows you to run various simulation types (DC, AC, Transient).

PartSim uses a cloud-based version of ngspice, which is an open source simulator based on Berkely's Spice3f5 Spice engine. When we started this project, our team discussed the pros and cons of creating our own simulation engine but decided that ngspice is perfectly suited for our needs. So rather than recreate a new simulation engine (which is no small task), we are focusing our efforts around the web application itself and planning to offer improvements and feature enhancements that we can contribute back to the core ngspice project.

Ngspice has a lot of powerful features and we're currently only using a small portion of what's available. Over the next year, you can expect PartSim to include more and more capabilities as we unlock the power of ngspice.

PartSim Website

A good online circuit simulator demands a good online SPICE resource. We want to build out PartSim's website in the coming months and offer you a full collection of tutorials, blog posts, example circuits, and more. We also want to allow users to share their simulations in a community "circuit repo" and have a place on our site to discuss circuit design.

Feel free to drop us a line anytime at

Happy Simulating!

~Team PartSim

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