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Model Manager Basics

Model Manager Basics

I hope you are as excited about our new Model Manager as we are. Now, you can create your own models, or copy them from your favorite vendor. Associate the model with one of the generic components. This new feature really expands the capabilities of Partsim.

This segment will demonstrate how to create a spice model in the Partsim simulator:

  • To create a spice model, click "Models" under the Spice subcircuit navigation tab.
  • On the Spice Model Manager dialog box, click the "Create New Model" button.
  • You can input or paste your spice models in the Create New Model dialog box.
  • Finally, click "Create" button to store the written spice model.
  • To assign a spice model to a generic part, drag the generic part to the editor and then click the "Spice Model" button under the Parts Properties sidebar.
  • Select the created spice model from the drop-down list to assign it to the generic part.

With the Models function, it is like having your own spice model library to validate your designs and test their likely behavior prior to building the actual circuits. Also, you can easily modify spice models under a variety of different conditions using the Model Editor.