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Transient Simulation - Pulse Source

Transient Simulation - Pulse Source

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a pulsed output using the Pulse Source. You’ll use PartSim simulator to run a Transient Analysis and view the output waveform.

The goal is to create a 0V to 1V square wave with a period of 2ms that begins after a delay of 2ms.

Load a circuit with a Voltage Source driving a resistor. Double-click on the Source symbol in the schematic and choose Pulse for the Transient Source.

The dialog box shows the parameters that define the pulsed waveform

Initial Value: 0V

Pulse Value: 1V

Delay Time: 0s

Rise Time: 1us

Fall Time: 1us

Pulse Width: 1ms

Period: 2ms

The default Delay Time is changed from 0s to 2ms in the video example. With a Pulse Width of 1ms and a Period of 2ms, we’ll end up with a 2ms square wave.

To run a simulation, click the Run icon, enable Transient Response and click the “Transient” tab. To view a number of pulses, set the Stop Time to 10ms.

Hit the Run button to start the simulation. The output should appear in the waveform viewer.

Try changing one or more of the pulse parameters such as Pulse Value pr Pulse Width. Rerun the simulation to see its effect on the pulse waveform.